Curation of all Indian tastes at one place. Some call us the Wikipedia of Indian tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Who's, the What's and the Why's...

Who are you?

Lovers of tastes- of the myriads of uniquely exquisite tastes you find in every nook and corner of India.

What are you up to?

To spread word about these tastes. Start conversations around the less known (yet, much-loved) eating joints across the country. Thereby, to build a complete guide to all the local food joints of India and a place to talk about them.

Naive, aren't you?

May be. But not foolish. Because we are not the only ones in this herculean endeavour. We are doing it with your help.

My help? What am I supposed to do?

Isn't there a person who has been coming regularly for years to your street with his cart full of mouthwatering snacks? Don't you have this small restaurant near your home where you've spent hours with your friends and family? Haven't you had that serendipitous discovery of a wholly new world of taste at a small eating house in the strange town you were just in? Tell the world about them and those stories about them. Let this inspire others to add to it. Slowly, we hope, every single local-food joint in India will be covered.

You are repeatedly mentioning "local-food joint". What exactly do you mean by this?

Well, a definition is indeed tough. So we, being the smart people that we are, pass it on to you ;) See, it's all those eateries described in the above answer, and many more. It's about the uniqueness of the taste, the stall's indispensability in its area and above all what that stall means to you. So yes, it's a very individual decision. In case you come across an eatery which you don't think belongs here, please report it and we shall look into it. Fine? Phew!

Ok, whatever. So, I add a stall. That's it, right?

No. Quite the opposite. That's just the starting point. When you add an eatery, you are kickstarting the journey of that eatery online with you as its virtual "owner". As its brand ambassador, you could try to spread the word about it. Let others know about the taste that has enchanted you. Appreciations will come as "Happiness Index" scores. Be proud of your stalls when they become popular and highly rated...

The How's and the When's, also the do's and dont's...

Can I get an instruction manual for all this stuff?

You don't really need one. It's simply filling forms and giving ratings quite similar to any other website. However an important difference is that this is YOUR website. Which indeed is a big responsibility. To help you in that, here are some basic guidelines on doing stuff. Let the more complex rules be evolved by itself when you really start using maa rewa. Told, no? We are smart (and lazy) people!

Ya, I got it by now. So what are these guidelines?

Simple. Just pay attention to the grey bubbles like this . They'll show you the way when confused. Other than that, please remember these:

Adding: The most prestigious activity in maa rewa because you will be recognised as the virtual "owner" of the eatery. So, do it with utmost care. Try to fill in as many details as you can (of course you can keep adding later), include a good snap and mark the place accurately in the map (so that others can identify it). Don't worry if you are short of data, others who have it will help out later. However be very careful while providing the name, city, state and twitter hashtag since they cannot be edited later, not even by you.

Editing: You are allowed to edit the details (except name, city, state and hashtag) about any eatery featured in maa rewa. Access to information is a power indeed. But it comes with the responsibility of contributing positively to help making the site richer and better. Monitoring and policing of vandals is also upto you. Report troublemakers.

Rating: Again, you are allowed to rate any eatery. But if you are the owner, you will be allowed to rate only after someone else has rated. And we do hope you'll rate only those eateries you've been to. Else it doesn't make much sense, right?

Commenting: This is our dearest part- where conversations happen. Each eatery has a comment section, where you can share your experiences (good or bad) and converse with others about the eatery. The guidelines remain same as any online forum. The comment should be relevant, contextual and non- abusive. You can even give publicity to your eatery when you get a chance, as long as others don't feel you are spamming!

Feedback: No guidelines at all. Whenever, whatever. As you saw from above, we don't do much work except going through your feedback and making maa rewa a better experience for you each time you come back.

Another question I have is....

Yes, we totally love highly inquisitive people like you. Please ask here. If we get this question frequently it will be featured in this list as well.